Dr. Margaretha Widyastuti, M.T.


Recent Publications

Multitemporal water quality analysis of a karst spring affected by allogenic recharge [2023] – Cahyadi, A., Haryono, E., Adji, T.N., Widyastuti, M., Riyanto, I.A., Muhammad, D.T.N., Adji, A.P.K.

Multitemporal water quality analysis of an epikarst spring for agricultural irrigation in the Gunungsewu Karst Area, Indonesia [2023] – Cahyadi, A., Riyanto, I.A., Ramadhan, F., Widyastuti, M., Fatchurohman, H., Adji, T.N.

Ecological risk and source identifications of heavy metals contamination in the water and surface sediments from anthropogenic impacts of urban river, Indonesia [2023] – Fadlillah, L.N., Utami, S., Rachmawati, A.A., Jayanto, G.D., Widyastuti, M.

Tracing flow directions of the Pentung Allogenic River in Gunungsewu Karst Area, Gunungkidul, using artificial tracer test [2022] – Cahyadi, A., Adji, T.N., Haryono, E., Widyastuti, M., Agniy, R.F.

Carbon Emissions from the Transportation Sector during the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia [2021] – Nurjani, E., Hafizha, K.P., Purwanto, D., Ulumia, F., Widyastuti, M., Sekaranom, A.B., Suarma, U.